Teachings About the Revelation by David

In the book of Revelation, there are seven blessings for reading this book of the Bible. I hope that this will encourage you to get a blessing.

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  • Graduated from Liberty University, 1979
  • Youth director in Antioch, California and Medford, Oregon
  • Area Representative for Word of Life International
  • Evangelism for 25 years
  • Guest host for Southwest Radio Church, a nationwide radio program designed to deal with current events and how they relate to the Bible and prophecy
  • David hosted a 3-hour a day talk show on KPBC in Dallas, Texas
  • David has authored four books on the occult and how it effects families
  • Fourteen Things Witches Hope Parents Never Find Out
  • Who’s Watching the Playpen
  • Entertaining Spirits Unaware
  • Disarming the Powers of Darkness
  • David is currently co-teaching the Pastors’ class at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia

The Pros and Cons of Reading the Book of Revelation


  1. It's hard to understand
  2. It can be scary
  3. There are so many symbols


  1. It shows the power of God over sin and evil men
  2. It warns us of God's judgment
  3. It creates a concern for those who are lost
  4. It lets us know that the time is at hand
  5. We who are believers are on the winning side
  6. We are encouraged about the ending

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