The Book of Revelation Explained

Video Resources and Powerpoint Slides for the Church Community

The Book of Revelation Explained

Video Resources and Powerpoint Slides for the Church Community

The Book of Revelation as taught by David Benoit

The Book of Revelation as taught by David Benoit
“The bible teaches that there are seven specific blessings for reading the Book of Revelation.
It is my hope you will receive each one.”

— David Benoit

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THe Purpose of This Website

In a world where millions are spent on astrology, psychics, and other methods of divination, many seekers are turning to New Age prophets like Nostradamus for answers about the future. However, there is a more profound and reliable source of prophecy that has stood the test of time—the Bible.

This website is dedicated to equipping pastors and lay Bible study leaders with the tools they need to teach about end time events. By exposing seekers to the real, fulfilled prophecies in the Bible, we aim to guide them towards the truth and help them find the answers they are searching for in Jesus Christ.

Additionally, this resource serves as a beacon for reaching out to family members who are not yet ready to meet Christ, providing them with the knowledge and understanding they need to prepare for the future.

The Various Interpretations of the Book of Revelation

David Benoit holds and teaches the Pretribulation view, but he carefully explains all the different theological interpretations including:

The Preterist view:
This view believes that the references in Revelation all happened around AD 70.

The Pretribulation view:
The church is going to be taken out (raptured) before the tribulation period starts. David gives five compelling reason for this interpretation.

The Partial-rapture theory:
Only those who are living for Jesus at the time of the rapture will be taken up.

The Mid-tribulation view:
The rapture of the church happens midway through the tribulation.

The Post-tribulation period:
This view teaches that the church will have to go through the whole tribulation period.

Videos Series

  1. The Importance of prophecy Part 2-3 ( Is this war in Israel now the beginning of the battle of Gog and Magog?)
  2. Chapter 1 - The revealing of Christ
  3. Chapters 2-3 - The Seven Churches
  4. Chapters 4-5 - Will UFO's be used to explain away the Rapture?
  5. Chapter 6 - Seals and saddles- The four horsemen
  6. Chapter 7 - The great revival
  7. Chapters 8-9 - The Brass section featuring Seven trumpets
  8. Chapters 10-11 - The little book, the big problem (the two witnesses), and the great earthquake
  9. Chapter 12 - The introduction of the cast and crew
  10. Chapter 13 - Is the cashless society and the New World Order here now?
  11. Chapter 14 - Nearing the end of the great Tribulation
  12. Chapters 15-16 - The bowls are empty
  13. Chapters 17-18 - Babylon is fallen
  14. Chapter 19 - The feast and the fight
  15. Chapter 20 - The Millennium
  16. Chapters 21-22 - The new beginning